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      Mice Removal Tyne and Wear

      Guaranteed eradication!


      Not only do mice spread diseases as they hunt for food and shelter, but their gnawing habits cause great damage to your home.

      If you think you have an infestation, JG provides expert mice control to identify the extent of the problem, before ridding you of it.

      Please view our information video on rodents.

      Mice Removal Tyne and Wear

      There are two main types of mice commonly found in infestations. The larger, long-tailed, field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus), which is around two inches long and light brown, and the smaller brown/grey house mouse (Mus domesticus).

      Despite being so small, mice roam large areas in their hunt for food and move quickly. They’re nifty too; able to fit through narrow cavities and run up vertical walls.

      Mice also carry diseases, including salmonella and leptospirosis, so it’s important to control the problem quickly.

      JG’s technicians cover the Tyne and Wear area and are well trained in mice removal.

      For leading mice control service in Tyne and Wear, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01916 078102

      JG’s Mice Removal Service

      When dealing with mice, it’s important to assess the scale of the activity and how the rodents are entering your home, to avoid the problem recurring in the future.

      As part of our mice removal service we will survey your home to identify the extent of the issue.

      Once completed, we will confirm which treatments are most suitable for your case. Mice are the most common infestation we deal with, so you can trust us to eradicate the problem.


      Emergency Mice Control Services, call 01916 078102

      Our Service

      We offer a range of treatments, including smaller methods, using wires and fillers, as well as full loft space proofing. Treatments can take up to three weeks to be fully effective; however, if we spot an animal when visiting the premises, it’s likely we’ll catch it immediately.

      For more advice please call JG Pest Control.

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